It’s “Worked For Me Wednesday” here on the blog! Did you even know there was such a thing? Me neither, but I’m trying to get more organized around here and themes help, right!? This week we’re talking a lot about exercise and I’m sharing a few of my favorite products. So, have you met Cool Azul? This Sports Gel is formulated with an unprecedented 10 percent (that’s 10 mls per tube my friends ) of pure essential oils in every 3.4-oz. tube! Cool Azul’s base is Aloe Vera (not water like many products out there) so it’s super soothing and moisturizing. In addition to Dorado Azul, Cool Azul Gel contains a cooling blend of Peppermint essential oil, menthol, and camphor. These ingredients make Cool Azul the perfect natural choice.

This sports gel is my BFF you guys, it lives in my gym bag. I love using it after working out and it pampers my feet like no other after long runs. Remember, it contains aloe so it a great post shower choice too. Give Cool Azul Sports Gel a try. You can thank me later!

Are you ready to start your oily journey? We’d love for you to join us!