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Detox Your Home

Let’s play a little game! A swap dare. This is just a small portion of the things I have switched out. It’s so easy to clean up your home and life with chemical free alternatives. These are all things I would normally be buying elsewhere so I’m not adding to my budget, just shopping smarter. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my health since making these changes!

Candles/Air Fresheners/Scentsy’s → Essential Oils and diffuser
Soap and Body Wash → DIY Castile Body Wash/ Thieves Bar Soap
Kids Shampoo/Body Wash/Lotion → KidScents Products
Face Wash/Toner/Lotion → All DIYs costing about $5 a month
Probiotic → Life 9
Icy Hot → Cool Azul
Hand Soaps → DIY foaming hand soap or Thieves Hand Soap
Dish Soap → Thieves Dish Soap
Cleaners → ALL DIY made with Vinegar or Thieves Cleaner
Carpet Freshener → Baking Soda and Oils
Dryer Sheets → Wool Dryer Balls and Oils
Detergent → Thieves Detergent
Fabric Softener→ Vinegar and Oils
ToothPaste → Thieves Toothpaste and Slique Toothpaste
Mouthwash/Floss → Thieves Mouthwash and Floss
Deodorant → Purification and Thieves Toothpaste
Energy Drinks → Ningxia Red
Spices/Flavoring → Vitality Oils

This is just the beginning! I could list so many more. These swaps have detoxed our home and they save me big money each month. I put these in my monthly box order and get 25% back each month to spend whenever I want! I can guarantee you will be in love with your new, healthy lifestyle. The only regret you’ll have is not doing it sooner!

If you’re interested in simplifying your life? Join our Detox Your Home Facebook Class. We’ll be talking hidden toxins, simple solutions, and DIYs for a safe, toxin-free home!