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We have had quite the struggle at our house the last few months. My girls outright refuse to let me near them with a brush and every morning consists of them crying and running from me. In turn, I end up holding them down and quickly running a brush through their hair. In the end I’m totally frustrated and their hair looks like a total mess. I’ve tried various conditioners and leave-ins, but their hair stayed tangled and they left a build up on their scalp.

So, I have stopped wasting my money on store-bought conditioners (because they do not work and I would rather avoid their long list of ingredients anyway) and started making this Homemade Conditioner. This DIY conditioner is easy to make and has drastically improved the appearance and condition of their hair. There’s no more flaky build up, less tangles, lots of shine, and NO nasty chemicals.

You will need:


Add warm water, apple cider vinegar, Vitamin E, Glycerin, and essential oils to your spray bottle. Give it a good swirl and shake to blend. Use this Homemade Leave In Conditioner after shampooing or as a morning detangling spray. You can swap the suggested essential oils in this blend for your favorites. My girls attend a Kids Day Out program so I use Lavender and Rosemary to promote a healthy scalp. Making your conditioner in these smaller batches means you can switch it up often. This recipe hasn’t changed the chaotic morning routine at our house, but their hair sure looks nice!


Are you ready to get started on this oily journey? Let’s chat today!