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We haven’t used dryer sheets or fabric softener around here for years and here’s why:

  • Dryer sheets and fabric softeners are considered to be among the worst toxic offenders in our homes.
  • The fragrances and chemicals in these items have been specifically designed to cling to fabric so the scent stays in the clothing.
  • This means lingering chemical residue in clothes enters the body through direct contact with our skin.
  • Many of these compounds are known endocrine disruptors that can wreak havoc on our bodies and contribute to the development of chronic illness.
  • The term “fragrance” on a label can literally mean up to hundreds of synthetic chemicals as federal law allows companies to leave some chemical ingredients off their product labels if they are considered to be trade secrets, components of fragrance or nanomaterials.
  • Products labeled natural or organic often contain synthetic chemicals. Organic or natural products can contain petrochemicals and those certified as organic can contain as little as 10 percent organic ingredients by weight or volume.

Needless to say, when I began to research toxins in the home I ditched these quick. I replaced these items with white distilled vinegar, essential oils, and wool dryer balls. Vinegar can be used to naturally brighten whites (hint add lemon oil) remove odors, soften clothes, reduce static, and protect dark colors. Wool dryer balls work to reduce static and cut down on drying time. Another tip, I always take my clothes out of the dryer before it’s done. This seems to work well in the battle against static.

Give this DIY Fabric Softener a try! Distilled white vinegar is a great replacement and it leaves no nasty residue on your laundry.



I love to save my Kombucha bottles.  They’re perfect for Oily DIYs and a spray nozzle fits them perfectly. You can get your own chalkboard labels here. And I love these chalk markers, you can flip the tip depending on your project needs! So friends, it is easy and inexpensive to detox your home. Start with baby steps and grow from there!