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Good morning, friends. It is Halloween Day! We had our Trunk or Treating fun last night. Our sweet girls were butterfly fairies. They are totally obsessed with all things dress up right now so they had a wonderful time. It is possible they consumed way too much candy because they were up quite late last night. Our plans for tonight are to stay home and hand out some yummy treats!


I recently made these DIY Bath Bombs for Halloween gifts. They didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but they were still fun. If you have a favorite bath bomb recipe please share. This is a DIY I cannot master no matter how many recipe variations I try. There’s got to be a secret I’m missing. Is is Citric Acid? I’m thinking it is, indeed.

These were super easy, but they did not fizz as much as I’d like and take too long to dissolve. I suppose DIY, like wellness, is a journey. Next time I’ll try a variation of the recipe! You’ll find the original recipe in the comments.


  • The bath bombs in the mold dried overnight
  • The hand shaped bombs took longer to dry
  • My children though it was candy
  • My dogs thought they were treats

You will find the original recipe here

Whatever your plans may consist of tonight have fun and stay safe!