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How many times do we go shopping and assume because it is on the shelf it is safe? This was a frequent assumption of mine, better yet an accepted truth, before I really started to research what we allow into the marketplace. It is a scary truth that many cleaners, foods, cosmetics, baby products and more include dangerous chemicals capable of causing harm.

When our daughters were born I started to heavily research the safety of everyday items in our home. My findings led me to look for an alternate route and my love for essential oils and all things DIY was born. Today, if I do not know exactly what is in a product it is not coming into my home.


One of my favorite cleaners is Orange Vinegar. Check out my previous DIY Orange Vinegar post for step by step instructions. Vinegar is such a versatile cleaner, adding orange makes this cleaner a powerhouse. Diluted it is great for everyday messes; in its concentrated form it will tackle the most stubborn project. Not a fan of the smell of vinegar, add a few drops of essential oil to your blend. Whatever it is you decide to use, protect your family and research the product before allowing it in your home. One of my favorite sites for keeping up to date on product safety is the Environmental Working Group. Save this link and pledge to be an informed consumer.