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A lot has happened over the last few weeks so I thought I would give you a little update. We accepted an offer on our house after only two weeks on the market and found a new house about a week later. I was honestly worried we would not find the house we really wanted. I am accoustomed to green and the area of Oklahoma where we are moving is the exact opposite. In fact, it is the land of red dirt and no trees. Thankfully, after much looking and praying we found a great house with a beautiful yard and tons of green in Logan county. We are near Guthrie so we will still have that small town community feel, while also enjoying the benefits of being close to the city. We pack up and leave here on the 15th for our new adventure. These are a few pictures of our new place:



I have been doing a ton of packing and cleaning over the last few weeks. Ideally, the cleaning is mostly done in the days before we move so we have one less thing to tackle. I recently found this recipe online courtesy of Essentially Oil Up and wanted to share. It is great for tough jobs, I used it to scrub and clean our tubs and showers. Happy cleaning!