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Name one hair product you can’t live without? Mine would have to be my sea-salt spray. I have thick, naturally wavy hair so this choice makes styling quick and easy. For the longest time I paid top dollar for a salon product, but I use so much of it I finally decided to start making my own. This DIY recipe makes saving money and achieving beach hair a breeze. So, choose your favorite essential oils, mine are lavender and purification (where to buy), and start mixing. 


To use move through hair in approximately two inch sections, applying to damp hair at the roots. For beautiful summer waves allow hair to air dry or finish styling with a diffuser on the cool setting. If you have curly hair you probably already know this trick, but my key to fighting frizz is not fully drying my hair. Now, get outside, enjoy the warm weather, and flaunt that sexy beach hair. This recipe has been adapted from a DIY post on buzzle. You’ll find the original blend along with some great tips here

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