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I have been packing and cleaning like mad today. The photographer is coming tomorrow to take pictures of the house so I’m scrambling to make it look like two adults actually live here , too. This place has become toy central. It officially looks more like daycare than a house. It has taken some serious packing and cleaning, but it is starting to look pretty spiffy I must say. Our realtor suggested I take a few personal items down so there is not such a country feel. The whole time I am thinking to myself “this the country, but if it sells our house I am happy to oblige.” So my house is totally impersonal now and I have gotten all my favorite things ready for their new home.

On the topic of cleaning, I was excited to get an email recently that the Thieves Cleaner (order here) is 10 percent off from March 26-31. There are so many uses for this product. If you’ve been curious, this is the perfect time to give it a try. It is a fantastic cleaner that is safe for the entire family. With 100 percent plant and mineral based ingredients, you can use this all-purpose, concentrated cleaner all over your home for spring cleaning.


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Premium Starter Kit