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Items from our Make 'N Take.

Items from our Make ‘N Take.

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day I thought it fitting to share a story that included a little green. On Friday we had a Make ‘N Take party and it was a blast. We made Thieves hand soap, Thieves Cleaner, a Salt Scrub, Beauty Balm, and Eye Cream. For a snack I made Squash Chips with Basil Essential Oil. They are super easy and everyone loved them. Squash Chips are perfect for a quick snack and taste better than processed and unhealthy chips.

Squash Chips:

  • Zucchini Squash – 2
  • Yellow Squash – 2
  • Olive Oil – 1 tbsp.
  • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – to preferred taste
  • Pepper – to preferred taste
  • Basil Essential Oil – 2 drops (where to buy)


Wash and slice your squash thin using a mandolin slicer or knife. Thin is key for proper results. Place squash in mixing bowl, add salt, pepper, olive oil, and Basil essential oil. Cover mixing bowl with a plate or pan and give it a few good shakes to coat the “chips”.


Line squash chips onto your dehydrator. Try to leave a small bit of space in between. You can see my Kombucha brewing in the background. I moved my brew away from the dehydrator, but Scoby Doo loves the heat.


Turn on and let your dehydrator work its magic. My dehydrator is loud so I keep it in the laundry room and shut the door. My typical time for dehydrating has been between 7-8 hours depending on how thin they are sliced. If possible, rotate the trays periodically.


Remove your finished product and enjoy. Squash Chips taste amazing and they are good for you so eat them up!

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