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Photo Credit Flickr User Pam Cassidy

Photo Credit Flickr User Pam Cassidy

Morgan and Avery love pancakes, they would eat them for every single meal and snack if allowed. We are slowly trying to learn more about and transition to gluten-free living so I wanted to find an easy substitute. After getting some ideas from friends I decided to make these Two-Ingredient Pancakes Saturday morning. Now, be warned, they did not turn out pretty……at all….not even close. I am learning this new method of cooking is going to take some serious practice, but they were still quite tasty and baby approved. 

You will need:

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs


Mash banana and add egg. I used a hand mixer to achieve a batter like consistency. Add batter to pan and cook. I figured out toward the end I was flipping them too quickly. Let them cook until little bubbles are throughout the pancake and then flip, this helps them stay together. Cook opposite side and remove from heat instead of trying to flip again. I added pecans to the batch I made, so add any of your favorite fruits or nuts and top with your Lavender-Orange Honey. Enjoy!