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Photo Credit goes to Flickr User Vicky Brock

Photo Credit goes to Flickr User Sean Winters

Honey has to bee (corny…..I know!) one of my favorite things. I use it daily in drinks, recipes, and even personal care items. Essential oils and honey make a great team. I like to combine them by putting locally sourced honey into a small glass jar and adding my choice of essential oils. This allows me to make a small batch I use up quickly, then I get to experiment with other fun flavors. My go to blend so far is Lavender-Orange Honey. It is delicious and ridiculously simple. Add honey to glass jar and mix in lavender and orange essential oils (where to buy). It’s that easy!

Photo Credit goes to Flickr User Judy Brock

Photo Credit goes to Flickr User Judy Brock

Lavender-Orange Honey:

  • Local Honey – ¼ cup
  • Lavender Essential Oil – 5 drops
  • Orange Essential Oil – 5 Drops
  • Small glass jar with lid

Knowing how to pick the right honey is not a simple as one would think. Rebecca Conroy has a great article featured on The Healthy Home Economist. In this article she shares her tips for selecting the best local honey and advises that honey “directly from a beekeeper in your area who uses no chemicals or other treatments, does not feed or move their bees, does not filter or heat their honey, uses wooden frames and natural wax foundation and has bee hives within 5 miles of your home” is the best choice. She also shares questions to ask your beekeeper including:  

  • Where are your bees located?
  • Do you feed your bees sugar or pollen substitute?
  • How do you treat for varroa mites?
  • Do you use antibiotics preemptively? Have you had to use them?
  • Do you treat for small hive beetles or wax moths? How?
  • What kind of foundation do you use?
  • Do you heat your honey to bottle it?
  • How do you filter your honey?

You can the entire post here .Be sure to save it for future reference. Enjoy!

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