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Rise and shine sleepy heads!  It is Friday and the weekend is just waiting to be enjoyed. A few years ago our schedules were so hectic that days of the week meant nothing to me. Since Kyle moved to a 9-5 job I have started looking forward to the weekends and quality family time. It is slated to be in the 50’s tomorrow so hopefully we can enjoy a little bit of our Saturday outdoors.

Fridays are my day to be a little less structured, which means no meal planning madness or dinner time stress. One of my favorite things to make on Friday mornings is this Cranberry Lime Slush. It is superbly tart and guaranteed to provide an end of the week pick me up.

Cranberry-Lime Sunrise

  • Cranberries – ½ cup (I buy my cranberries in bulk and freeze them)
  • Lemonade flavored coconut water or sparkling water – 1 cup
  • Ice – ½ cup (adjust to desired consistency)
  • Lime Essential Oil – 1 drop
  • Tangerine Essential Oil – 1 drop


Add cranberries, ice, and liquid of your choice to blender. Blend, adding ice or liquid as needed, to reach desired consistency. Pour into glass cup and add essential oils. Add more if needed. Enjoy, have a great weekend, and we shall talk again Monday!

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