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Last night, after the hubby shaved, he was complaining about his dry and itchy face. Now, I have been trying to bring him into the world of essential oils for quite sometime, but so far he has been a tad resistant. Today, I feel like I have devised the perfect plan: A DIY Aftershave for Valentine’s Day. This also solves the “going to the store to buy a gift with twin 18 month olds who think the stroller is their worst nightmare and protest the entire trip is not going to happen” problem! I am thinking this will make him an essential oil user for life.


Add your essential oils (where to buy) and Jojoba to 4 oz. bottle and swirl to mix. Fill remainder with fractionated coconut oil. Apply lid and mix well. This is also a great blend to use after shaving your legs. Just replace with your favorite oils, my choice is Lavender and Peppermint, mix and apply. You can use regular vs. fractionated coconut oil for an aftershave lotion. Enjoy!

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