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I have a dentist appointment today, oh joy! It is actually an exciting day though. I am picking up my last 2 sets of Invisalign trays. I have only had to wear a total of sixteen so far. I was pretty lucky there, but my teeth are not as straight as I would like so I see some revisions in my future. Anyway, back to the original point of this post! I recently had a cleaning done and my hygienist was blown away by my “oral care regimen.” She even awarded me patient of the day and said you literally have no plaque on your teeth. I quietly basked in her praise because there was a time dental checkups were my worst nightmare!

My secret to regaining strong teeth: a diet of healthy fats, therapeutic grade essential oils, oil pulling, and of course brushing and flossing morning and night and after each meal. The essential oil toothpaste I prefer is easy to mix up, you can add in the essential oils of your choice. I choose Thieves for its antimicrobial properties and add Lemon for whitening (you will need to adjust to the taste and texture of DIY toothpaste, add a few drops of stevia extract as needed for sweetness). After I have brushed and flossed I put a drop of Wintergreen oil on my finger and rub it along my teeth and gums. There you have it, my secret to sparkling teeth. If you would rather skip the DIY toothpaste Young Living has a wonderful line of oral care products for you to try!


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