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Thieves Cleaner

I am addicted to this cleaner. It smells so good and leaves behind a nice, clean surface. What’s better, it is totally non-toxic. I love sharing these little DIY’s with you and hope they help you begin to rid your environment of synthetic and toxic substances. If you will begin replacing the items you need with non-toxic alternatives, before you know it your house will be safer and you will be feeling much better about the things you are using to maintain your home.

DIY  Thieves and Purification Countertop Cleaner

  • 8 oz. Spray Bottle
  • Thieves – 4 drops
  • Purification – 4 drops
  • Distilled Water
  • 1 tsp rubbing alcohol

Add above ingredients to a spray bottle and mix well. It’s as easy as that and you have a safe alternative for cleaning!

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