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I have always eaten healthy, exercised, and taken care of my body. My desire to maintain health was taken to a much higher level after my daughters were born. Once I started researching, I was shocked at the number of toxins lurking in our home. This discovery led to my search for a safe alternatives which, in turn, led to my love for Young Living and their products. Kiwi Magazines, How Toxins Are Changing Childhood is a great read and is perfect for sharing. They do a great job explaining the hidden dangers of toxins in our everyday environment. Read up on this topic, research and educate yourself. Make it your mission to understand and share how vulnerable our children are to chemicals in their environment, as well as the detrimental effects they can have on their health and future. Then, and most importantly, share ways to change. Our children can’t make these choices. Providing a safe and secure home is up to us, let us not take this lightly! Looking for more information? You can read up on Childhood Development and Toxins here

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